Great Head Start


Start blogging would be a great challenge for me as my writing skills still have a great space for improvement, particularly in English. But, I would interpret this challenge as a habit that could be cultivated if I keep doing it. With the least purposes and directions, I wish to record some interesting moments and inspiring incidents that I feel worthy to be mentioned in my life.

Hold on…”I have really no idea what to write!”

The first step would be the hardest move for every new practice. What to write was the primary question popping in my mind when I was thinking about blogging. How to be attractive or without grammatical errors, should it be knowledgeable, motivational or simply for entertainment. After struggling for a few seconds, an idea flashed through my mind: why should I care and worry about these, as I am just writing for fun and it is free. Life is fun and this is my playground. Just enjoy every moment like a new born child enjoy playing, drawing, screaming here and there without thinking too much. Life is simple and easy as it always be~~~

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