IELTS Listening Test

listeningUpon arriving to the test venue, there was a long queue waiting for registration and photo shooting. As I was late compared to others (should be there one hour 15 minutes as scheduled for registration matters), a foreign lady asked me to keep my belongings in a room as we were only allowed to bring identification card/passport and a bottle of water (without any wording or label on the bottle). All needed stationary were provided by the IELTS authority (a pencil, an eraser and an A4 paper).

After photo-shooting, we were scanned by the authority using a metal scanner before entering into the exam hall. Wow, it was my first time ever to be scanned before sitting for an exam. The hall was quite big and occupied by about 40 candidates. About 6 to 7 British Council representatives were standing in front of us and everyone seems to get ready for the exam. The huge clock in front showed 8.40 a.m. when an Indian lady started to give a briefing on the test.

The test started with listening, followed by reading and writing test. We were given a piece of paper remind us about our time for speaking test. My speaking was scheduled at 1.40 p.m. The gap between other sections and speaking would be huge as I heard some candidates had their speaking test at 3.30 p.m. I saw some youngsters and working people taking the test.

Every candidate was provided a headphone for listening test. I tried to adjust mine carefully so that the voice of speakers is clear enough for me to listen. I was very nervous as this was my first attempt for this expensive IELTS test in a real setting.

Part I was conversation between a lady and a man who requests to send furniture to his home. It was not as difficult as I thought. Address, name, phone numbers, and some details needed to be jotted down correctly.

Part II was about a couple making reservation for a marriage party in a garden, it was a bit complicated as detailed information was given during the negotiation. For me, the hardest part was part III, it was about 6 types of housing with different features needed to be remembered and some features were just slightly different. Thus, I was confused due to some similar features and was not able to jot down some important features.

There were 10 sentences in the final part with a blank for each sentence. It is a scientific tutorial given by a speaker regarding of stones. This part was easier as I have only to follow the flow of the speech and fill up vocabulary into the blanks.

~To be continued

Photo credit: Designatic / Pixabay / CC BY-NC

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