11 experiences I gained at university

4 years of university life seems to pass by so fast, yet a huge number of new experiences I had gained during my undergraduate’s life: 


  1. Shared stories with college mates, course mates, faculty mates, and friends major in different fields and came from different states.
  2. Joined activities and became part of them: college dinner, cultural night, Chinese drawing class, Deepavali night, workshops, etc.
  3. Living in Kuala Lumpur for such a long time where I had been to this hectic city just once before my tertiary studies started.
  4. Had fun with peers from various ethnics through carrying out group assignments, presentations, conferences, and academic chores.
  5. Gained some extra credits and cultural exposures through attending Japanese, Arabic, and Korean language courses.
  6. Visited aboriginal villages and understood how economic development has exploited their livelihood.
  7. Climbed gate at night just for hanging out at night market or find somewhere else to get our dinner, where hardly find a guard there.
  8. Grabbed chances to study abroad for short term, interacted with foreign friends, learned from each others.
  9. Walked and relaxed in the library fully equipped with air-conditioners and everything that we need.
  10. Learned swimming and scuba diving is one of the greatest experience during my university life.
  11. Remind me the sleepy moments during lectures in one of the coldest places in my country – our lecture halls.

Endless memory ~

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