IELTS Speaking Test


Surprisingly, I got a 7.0 for this section. My speaking test was on the same day with other three sections. Therefore, it’s such an exhausted marathonprocess for me, there was an hour gap in between speaking and other three tests.

At 1.40 p.m., I was waiting with other candidates in a room before we were called for sitting the test. When it was my turn, I entered the room and saw a lady waiting in the room. I greeted her and she checked my identification card. She reminded me that the whole test will be recorded and she will stop me when time is up. After that, the conversation started with a series of introductory level questions such as what is your name? Where are you from? Are you studying or working? What is your major? Do you have any moment that you are rushing for some reasons? Why?

After answering about 10-12 questions, I was given a cue card: Describe a conversation that you think is important in your life. This statement came with three notes about when the conversation happened, who are you talking with during the conversation and the content of the conservation?

The questions I received in the last section were all related to conversation and speech. Some questions that I could recall are why do you think the conversation is important in your daily life? Do you think face-to-face conversation is important? Why? Do you think we need to have an international language for official settings? Why? I answered yes. Then she asked: Do you think the interpreter is important? Why? The whole process took about 20 minutes and each question has a certain limit of time (A total of 10-15 questions).

Apart from my experience, I have compiled a few past questions from the comments provided by the candidates on the IELTS Simon:

Dec, 18 (Pakistan)
A trip you have enjoyed, why people drive for travelling? The differences between cars nowadays and previous time.
Dec, 17 (Saudi Arabia)
Part 1: Where do you live? What are you doing? Study or work? What will you do after study? Why working is better? Do you like colors? What kind of color will you select for your clothes?
Part 2: Any law that you would like to implement in your country? What is it and how it will be implemented?
Part 3: Are law necessary? Should companies make laws themselves or employees should be involved in making laws? Who should make laws? (The company or government?) Should uniform be a must for company employees?
Dec, 12
Part 1: Your hometown and about reading.
Part 2: Person you would like to meet who appeared on the news.
Dec, 10 (Gujarat, India)
Part 2: Describe a house or an apartment which you would like to live in.
Dec, 9
Part 2: Something that you borrowed from others. Is it good to borrow ideas from others? Should we take things without asking?
Part 3: Do you think downloading music is a good or bad habit?
Dec, 8
Part 1: Self introduction, differences between listening to live music and CD.
Dec, 4
Part 2: About films
Part 3: Have films changed since your childhood?
Dec, 4
Part 2: Describe the occasion when you forgot to do something
Part 3: Forgetfulness. How to improve your memory, reasons why people forget things and the way to make you remember.
Dec, 4 (Ahmedabad)
Part 2: Describe an art or craft activity you did when you were in school, what activity, why did you have to do it? How did you do it? And say if you enjoyed it?

It always seems impossible until it’s done

                                                                                                ~ Nelson Mandela


4 thoughts on “IELTS Speaking Test

    1. To be honest, it was hard for the first time, but it really takes time to build the confidence when dealing with public speaking. And once we get the real experience and repeat it again and again, eventually we can speak naturally just like we are sharing with our friends. Just try to give yourself a chance and it may change your life. Thanks for your encouraging comments and all the best to you. 🙂


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