Christmas Countdown~

Christmas Deco

Merry Christmas!

When it comes to Christmas, we do have some kind of gatherings to share our joy and stories before the end of the year comes. We like to decorate our home with some ornaments, little trees, blinking LED lights, homemade wreaths and colorful wrapped gifts.

Some people who are not Christians might celebrate it as a secular Christmas festival, just like we do, where we treat it as a holiday for everyone to spread the holiday cheers, instead of practising the religious Christmas customs. I remembered years ago we had gift exchanging during Christmas, but somehow we din’t practice it for years…

Years ago, I wondered why the term X’mas have been used for advertisements and greetings, and this is the explanation from a website:

“Chi” (X) which has the sound of our letter K. It also just happens to be the first letter in the Greek word for “Christ.” So the X is an initial, an abbreviation, for Christ and not an X-ing out at all. In fact, using the chi symbol to stand for Christ has a very long history.

It goes back at least to the time of Constantine, the first Christian emperor of the Roman Empire. Upon his conversion to Christianity, he began using the symbols of both X (chi) and P (rho), the first two letters in the word “Christ,” to stand for his new faith.” From the short

Filled with happiness and wishes~~

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