My 10 Steps to Live Happy

IMG_0986I love to share lessons I have learned from books and internet. Practice them and try to embrace more…

  1. Being a genuine person. The message is clear: don’t pretend to be others, just like a habit, soon we will become what we pretend to be. Follow my inner voice to be myself. Don’t ignore intuition because of feeling obligated to others and striving to fit in with society. The truth is this inner monologue will tell me important things nobody else will, so just follow my will and try to say ‘no’ if I really feel uncomfortable to do something.
  2. Stop being a people-pleaser. Don’t try to attend to others’ needs and abandon my own, I know I will end up pleasing no-one. Instead, articulate my needs and spend time nurturing my relationships with the people who matter most to me. Sharing stories and loves with family and friends.
  3. De-clutter my stuff and documents. After reading some books about minimalism, I started to buy stuff that I really need, get rid of items that I don’t often use or just in case. Then, I assigned a place for each item and documents. Eliminating clutter in my room and unused files in my laptops helps me to arrange my digital documents. Lastly, I try to keep my email box empty so that I can be free from all other distractions and mail accumulation.
  4. Take care of myself. Try my best to get enough sleep every night and have breakfast everyday as stated in most of the health magazines.
  5. Single tasking. Do one thing at a time and concentrate on it. Usually I finished one project before I start a new one. Of course, I set priorities for myself and act accordingly.
  6. Slow down and explore new ideas and opportunities often and write things down. I try to write a list of manageable to-do list and stick to it as closely as possible.
  7. Don’t worry too much about what other people think about me. Follow my heart. Don’t waste my life fulfilling someone else’s dreams and desires, but stepping out of my comfort zone. Sometimes, my values seem to conflict doesn’t mean I have to abandon them. Consider it all a part of a dynamic me.
  8. Let go of things I can’t change. Concentrate on things that I can. Try to figure out things that hold me back and what can I do to develop the skills I need. If you stress about unfinished tasks, do them ahead of time to put them out of mind.
  9. Accept things as they are and allow things to happen in my life. Accept my imperfections, if I’ve made mistakes, learn from them, laugh about them, and move along to get better. Thoughts will come and go, but just allow them to do that without getting attached to them. Just observe them.
  10. Build something, learn something or do something that makes me proud, instead of spending hours on social networking. Take time to reflect on my values and how I really want to live. Lastly, never stop looking for my own strengths and let them grow. This is one of the reasons I started blogging.

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