No More Fear in 2016!

Dear friends,

On this 2015 New Year’s Eve, I would like to thank you all for inspiring me to push outside of my comfort zone, started blogging. 16 days ago, I struggled to start my first post due to my little perfection. Until I saw this quote in a book by Sir Robert H. Schuller:


My fear of not being good enough in grammar, writing skills, style, page designs, and so on was all gone. After posting my first writing, I was surprised that some bloggers liked it and even shared their thoughts on it. This definitely made me feel satisfied and so, I keep reading and trying to write a new post every day. After a week, I could feel my writing skills are getting better, even though I still have many grammatical mistakes in my writing, I promise I will try my best to improve it.

If I never started writing my first post, I wouldn’t know there are many professional bloggers who really passionate about their interested niche and willing to share knowledge in this influential blogosphere (I learned this word a few days ago.) Indeed, it is a great pleasure for me to read posts shared by you all, some have inspired me deeply whereas some have provided professional knowledge + personal experience on the topic that I’m not really good in such as cooking, blogging, sewing, etc. I have learned so much by reading your posts and can’t wait to try these new recipes, new tools, new ideas, and transformation of myself. Thank you all and wish you a wonderful New Year’s Eve!

15 thoughts on “No More Fear in 2016!

  1. Yeah! Thanks for your comment! Finally, a newbie blogger was born! I greatly appreciate that you love this post and following my blog. Hope you have fun here 🙂


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