My Top 5 IELTS Sites

Key website

Preparing for the IELTS test can be daunting and tiring, just like me, I tried to find online materials as much as possible and ended up too much information for me to digest. It’s overwhelming, especially when the test had been just around the corner. So, don’t be greedy and trying to absorb everything on these websites. You probably end up with exhaustion, just like I did. Be wise in choosing learning material that you need to improve your skills.

My top 5 learning sites, 

  1. IELTS Liz
  2. IELTS Simon
  3. IELTS Academic Resources
  4. IELTS Practice
  5. IELTS Speaking – Youtube

Some of them provide tips and tricks in video form, whereas some provide past questions and practice. I found them very useful as I don’t attend classes, so these websites gave me detailed tips on how to get and avoid losing scores for every section.

These materials are absolutely free to access, unless you want to book virtual classes or purchase reference books. Otherwise, they are enough for you to get a good grade in IELTS. If you have any doubt about the information given on these websites, please remember to follow the rules and instructions given by the IELTS British Council.

For speaking test, you could find some speaking groups on Facebook to practice speaking on Skype. You can simply search IELTS as a key word and you will see them. So, never stop trying and best luck to all of you.

We will either find a way or make one.

~ Hannibal (247-182 BC), Carthaginian General

~ Photo credit (modified): JeongGuHyeok / Pixabay / CC BY-NC

12 thoughts on “My Top 5 IELTS Sites

  1. Hii. I love to hear from you. Did you publicize your page when you first started out. It is so remarkable how you started a month ago and you have already got a remarkable review visitors and followers. I also like to know how did you connect with bloggers of years experience. Thank you.

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  2. My dear friend Shilpamargaret, I really appreciate the kind words from you. Actually, I’m planning to share my one-month blogging experience and what problems I’ve encountered during this journey. It takes some time for drafting and organizing my words for this post indeed. Thank you for expressing your appreciation and best wishes to you. Cheers!


  3. That is good to hear. Can’t wait to read more from you. If I may, how did you connect with other bliggers. Did you already have blogger friends. I actually started out with no much idea of how to connect and other neccessary steps when it comes to blogging. Tbh, I am still struggling a bit when it comes to sharing my work with more people around and various other things. Looking forward to connecting with you. Thank you.


  4. Kah Choon, I am preparing myself for the IELTS and it has been absolutely useful to find your Blog. Thanks for sharing your personal experiences with us.


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