My 3 Gmail Secrets


I have been using Gmail for many years and a random google search brought me so much surprises today. I found some interesting facts and tricks on it. Here are some tips that I’ve tried and see how they really work.

Extra dots or different capitalization is ok – According to the Google support team, whether you accidentally added dots or capitalized certain alphabets on the Gmail address of your receiver, the mail will be sent to his or her inbox. So I tried logging in using, instead of my correct address, and it still led to my account.
Loading faster – I tried to switch the normal mode to a basic Gmail mode by simply change my URL to after logged into my Gmail account. It loads faster and I still can check and send mails smoothly. To return to the normal format, just simply closed my recent tab and open a new one.
Who accessed my Gmail – Let’s scroll down to the bottom of your inbox, clicked into the “Details”, and you can check your recent activities. Great! Now you know who logged into your accounts before.

Apart from these useful tricks, there are many special tools stored in the Setting -> Labs, such as canned responses, google calendar gadget, smart labels, etc. free for trying. Have fun and share it ~

~ Photo credit (modified): Jarmoluk / Pixabay / CC BY-NC

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