My 5 Ways to be Consistent

SportsMany stories about success implied the power of consistency. Also the quote “Practice makes perfect” emphasizes the first rule of success: keep trying till you get familiar with new skills that you desire to master.

This is how it works, but most of the time, keep a consistent schedule for changes isn’t an easy job. As we always started some new habits with full enthusiasm and ended with frustration and regret.

So, the lesson I’ve learned is it doesn’t matter how slow your progress is, just keep doing till you can feel a sense of satisfaction. And here are some interesting steps to keep consistency in doing anything:

  1. Always remember why you started, is it for you? Family? Or others. 
  2. Choose one habit at a time and divide it into small steps for practicing. 
  3. Schedule and stick with it no matter what, I do use the 20 minute method.
  4. Ignore your feeling, try not to listen to the negative inner thoughts.
  5. Reward yourself to maintain the momentum (by Jarrod Haning).

One of the great examples of how consistency brings success the ability of speaking our mother tongue effortlessly. This is because we have been trained to use it since we were born. From mimicking the sounds of every letter till we are able to voice out our opinions in speech. It is a long-term consistent training where we are not really aware of it. So, keep doing a little every day and the result is worthwhile when you look back after years. If you feel these steps are useful, feel free to leave a comment and share it to your lovely friends.

Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.
~ Jim Rohn (Entrepreneur)
 ~ Photo credit (modified): João Lavinha / Flickr / CC BY-NC

15 thoughts on “My 5 Ways to be Consistent

  1. One argument I always have though. Does “Practice makes Perfect?” Is there such a thing as being perfect? I personally think that “Practice makes you Better 😉 ” But your blog is so on point though.

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  2. Hi there Kah! I came to your blog via the Solidarity challenge and I am glad I did. I enjoyed your post very much! I am on a mission of self-improvement that has attracted me to topics like this. I am now following!


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