Good Daily Habit (2)


Write things down.

I used to be very lazy to write things down on papers after being so dependent on my smart phone and laptop to record everything that’s important to me. However, the more often I use these electronic devices for taking notes, the easier I ignore things I’ve saved. Some of them I don’t even remember they exist in my memory. Soon, I changed my habit from taking notes on my laptop to write things down on the notebook. So simple right? Other reasons why I made such a change:

  1. Handwriting makes me remember more details rather than using laptop.
  2. Save sudden popped up idea from disappear in my mind in a few seconds.
  3. Mentally download everything from mind to notebook for my mental relief.
  4. Remind myself what to focus on and what should I do to achieve my goals.
  5. Organize my thoughts and document my significant moments in daily lives.

Some people just curious why recording notes on paper is better for our memory compared to save our notes in digital form. Simply because when we are writing on paper, we have more freedom to design our own formats, fancy letters, dancing fonts, images, stickers, and more emotional expression icons according to our preferences. Using digital form of notes, we definitely have limited choices and less flexibility in choosing our favorite styles of fonts, designs, spacing, etc.

Before we sleep, we can pen down everything stored in our mind for mental de-cluttering. This is an effective way to reduce our mind keep thinking of all the things that need to be done or were not done yet. Let the daily accumulated emotions locked on the paper and keep our mind free from stress before having a sweet dream. After six months of recording, if looking back these documents, we will be amazed by our growth in terms of expressing opinions and managing our emotions.

According to David Allen (the author of Getting Things Done), “writing thoughts down, gets them out of your head, clearing your brain to focus on what you want to focus on.” It allows our mind to slow down and relax its neural tensions so that we can keep attention on our priorities.

If you want to share your thoughts to others, you can also spend a few hours a week to process your notes and share it on social media or on your blog. Remember using loose paper is not encouraged because you will lose it, so get a simple notebook and start inking your wonderful journey of daily lives. Happy writing and enjoy sharing!

~ Photo credit (modified): Unsplash / Pixabay / CC BY-NC

18 thoughts on “Good Daily Habit (2)

  1. I love writing things down in pretty or well designed note books. I keep two on the go. One for work and one for personal. I love it. It makes me feel accomplished, even if I don’t do half of the things, I have voiced my thoughts. Also, I love the feel of books…. so much nicer than a lap top :-0

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    1. That’s so true, I do like to jot things down and write my daily reflections in my small notebook as you do. And I have the same feeling as well, feel satisfied and accomplished. Thanks sharing. 🙂


  2. Preaching to the choir! 🙂 I own this little black book I always travel around with. I mostly write to-do lists and things I shouldn’t forget. But sometimes I also doodle in it, or write song lyrics I like :]

    That said, you know what I think we should try and bring back? Voice recording. Can’t explain what it is, but there’s some charm to holding your phone in your hand, pressing the record button and saying “MEMO to self: when did male shoes adopt heels? Could it be that gender is swapping? Food for thought. Over & out” haha

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  3. I have notepads of various sizes around my house, so that I can write things down when something inspires me. Also, my antique typewriter is next to my computer – this way, I can type things down if my computer is off or giving me troubles, LOL

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    1. That’s cool, I put notepads on my working place too. Together with a tiny notebook, I can record anything that I feel important to me. You’re doing a great job in that too. Wow, I wish I could have an antique typewriter too. Truly, that trouble have happened to me as well. Thanks for commenting. Best wishes.


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