Good Daily Habit (3)

Stay calmDo nothing.

Yeah, you get me right, do nothing for five to ten minutes every day. This is a good way to clear our mental clutters and let the crazy ideas flowing into our mind. I find that allowing myself to do nothing brings me happiness and creativity, especially after packing my mind with thoughts all day long. Our minds are stuffed with important information and unnecessary sounds that make us can’t really focus on what we should and shouldn’t do. We need some space for a break indeed.

People always say they have no time even though it just takes you 5 – 10 minutes. Yet we are not aware that we invest hours in front of a computer or smart phone screen. Trust me, take a break and do nothing for a couple of minutes will make you feel more mindful and give your mind a peaceful break. Don’t get me wrong, do nothing doesn’t mean that you should lay in bed for days and nights. It’s a practice for you to just stay still and let your thoughts flow in your mind. Be mindful and don’t judge anything comes across into your mind.

Methods ~ These steps work well for me:

  1. Find a place that is comfortable for you to sit.
  2. Slow down your breath and make sure all body parts are on relaxing mode.
  3. Stare out of windows (or you can find a point that is far enough to look at).
  4. Don’t make any judgement, if some thoughts flow in, just let them flow.
  5. You just keep relaxed and calm. (Sometimes I feel sleepy when practice)

Benefits ~ Apart from clearing our mental stuffs,

  1. We are more conscious about our emotions change.
  2. We observe more about the nature that we might not look at them before.
  3. We are more clear to our solutions and goals with less mental blocks.
  4. We become more calm and aware of our breathing habit.
  5. We give our eyes a break after looking at a screen or TV for a long time.

If you want to enhance the effect of this practice, try unplug internet and turn on meditation music, it gives you a great time for yourself. It helps us to be more aware of our emotions, especially when we feel stressed, sad, angry, happy, insecurities, and fears. Try to make a step back, take a breath, do nothing and think nothing. Once your mind is clear enough, you will realize that nobody is able to hurt you mentally, the one that hurts you is yourself because your mind is easily disturbed by what people says. So, it’s time to take a step back, relax, take it easy.

A very good night from Malaysia, 10.30 pm here.

~ Photo credit (modified): Public Domain Picture / Pixabay / CC BY-NC

44 thoughts on “Good Daily Habit (3)

  1. I’ve never been good at meditation and such, because I lake patience and never know where to start, but I am going to try what you wrote here 🙂 Thanks for the tips!

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      1. I just got home, didn’t sleep at all last night and it’s 4:50 am but I just can’t go to sleep yet! Too wound up! Giving myself a few hours to wind down then bed time in the morning!

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    1. At least you’re sharing your writings and thoughts here…haha…. you’re doing great things unconsciously~ for me, doing less things with purposes is better than doing so many things without knowing why~~


  2. Your definitely right! when I get back from work, i give myself an hour just to lay down, don’t do anything and not to think about anything. Its so relaxing especially if you live in a hectic busy city as i do

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