Good Daily Habit (4)


Listening to relaxing music.

A simple question for you: Have you ever wondered why people put on some slow music or sounds when they are practicing meditation or yoga. Simply because calming music initially allows our mind to calm down and initiates human relaxation responses. Music with slower tempo can create a profound connection to our emotions and energy.

Benefits ~ regular listening to comforting music can:

  1. Reduce our stress and anxiety levels.
  2. Allow our mind to slow down and think more clearly.
  3. Improve our brain functions and communication skills.
  4. Lower our heart rate and breath more slowly and mindfully.
  5. Be a pleasure experience and increase our emotional intelligence.

At the end of the day, our mind has been bombarded with countless thoughts, unpleasant noises, information, messages, etc. Information overload would definitely slow down our brain function. Why? When the amount of information is way greater than the capacity of our brain can handle, we gradually lose focus in making judgement. Therefore, listening to relaxing music is effective for clearing our minds from excessive thoughts and slowly optimize the quality of our sleep.

If you’re not sure what kind of music to choose from, you could start by exploring the relaxing music on the Internet or listen to the nature sounds. This is the music I’m listening right now, Relaxing Music State of Tranquility, it’s a combination of various musical instruments which I feel comfortable to listen to when drafting this post. I hope you enjoy it. If you have any favorite relaxing music, kindly share with us.

Thank you for reading, it’s 10.30 pm here. 🙂

~Photo credit: Hans / Pixabay / CC BY-NC

44 thoughts on “Good Daily Habit (4)

  1. WE have relaxing type music playing 24/7. Reason being, we care for and Love special needs cats and have found that music helps maintain a peaceful environment in our home. It also helps me immensely, believe me, as I am constantly thinking and doing all day long. I also have many nature CD’s that I play as well. I’ve understood the connection between music and state of being and put that understanding into action. Glad to know someone else has as well. Thank you for sharing such important knowledge. ❤

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    1. That’s so great, you’ve been experiencing the happiness and relaxation that calming music carries. I always listen to them whenever I feel stressed especially in workplace. I just simply put on my headphone and turn on my smart phone, meditation or zen music on~~ I can feel the pleasure in my mind and it boosts my productivity too, because I can really focus more on my task after relaxing my mind, rather than listening to the noises surround me~~ Thanks for sharing your experience and I’m so happy to know you too! Happy blogging! 🙂

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