Good Daily Habit (5)


Write 50 words a day. At least.

Writing is definitely a great way to record our thoughts we wish to keep either for future reference or share in public. Some of us write in a secret notebook trying to keep it as private as possible and some people want to share their thoughts and moments with others. (This paragraph is formed by 50 words).

We can pen down our emotional changes and things happened on the day. However, there is someone like me, who has a desire to pen down more than just emotions, but also significant moments, breathtaking adventures, and even just a short inspirational short news I’ve read from somewhere else. We can write down our thoughts in any formats. A few short paragraphs, long essay with more than 2000 words, a poem, a report, a photograph or even a quote with two words.

As long as you feel happy and not creating something offensive to others, you’re welcomed to the wordy world. You can go with any platform to share your writings, as long as your thoughts could be interpreted well to your preferred audience. If you’re new to it, write down a paragraph with 50 words every day is definitely a great start.

How to turn your Facebook messages into a beautiful article with 50 words:

  1. Organize your message. Writing isn’t as hard as you thought, you probably have been writing on social media and electronic mails with more than 50 words every day. From a short status posted on Facebook to an endless chat on your messenger, a thousand of ideas were expressed in words effortlessly.
  2. Take the interesting points. Unless you don’t communicate with others using social media, otherwise I believe you’ve been typing more than 500 words a day without noticing it. These 500 words came from our mind and most of them are our response to our friends, family, clients, and others.
  3. Conversation would be great! These short phrases are our voice from deep heart. It’s a great material for writing if we organize these thoughts into a creative way. For instance, you can write something about your conversation with a friend about the moment both of you’re experiencing during high school.
  4. Marinate points with details. If you compile these messages and marinate them with more details such as what happened during that moment, any lessons you learnt or what is your feeling in that moment. This could be really fun to share your vivid memories with others.
  5. 50 words in the beginning stage of writing. Why 50 words and not 100 words or even more? For people who’s not get used to writing articles, they probably feel irritated before even start their first alphabet. If they are asked to write more, their patience and consistency will be challenged. However, writing 50 words is just like typing about one third of 140 words (the word limit for a tweet). So, try to make this habit as easy as possible so that we don’t really feel like practicing a new habit.

Be honest, I didn’t like to write during my studies because I’d to follow a certain rules when writing and no room for new ideas (there’s always a marking scheme). Additionally, I’ve no idea why we need to memorize an endless list of new vocabulary with definitions that I hardly fit them into any occasion in real life. Then, I found the actual way is to learn words by context and not by a single meaning of it.

Therefore, as long as you can convey your message accurately, that is no problem to convey your writings in simple words. The simpler, the more people will be able to read and understand your writings.

Don’t worry if you haven’t stored a bundle of vocabulary, you just need to use the words you familiar with to convey your thoughts and I’m sure there must be someone wants to hear your voice out there. As time goes by, you’ve read more and written more, through this way, you will learn more vocabulary naturally. Thanks reading.

~ Photo credit (modified): Kaboompics / Pixabay / CC BY-NC

40 thoughts on “Good Daily Habit (5)

  1. What an interesting article, Choon. I still keep writing on my personal journal for somethings that I feel is too private to share with the world. It’s not only for keeping valuable moments I had, but also as mediation to release my stress. So, Happy writing 😀

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      1. Your post was thoughtful and inspiring. I don´t post often on Fb, but you´ve given me some ideas. Sorry, but yesterday my conection was so so…
        Have a great day, my friend!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sorry, my first comment was crap! But my connection was worse.
        Please, in the future, if I say Great, or Congrats… I really mean it, just maybe I´m in a hurry…
        Please, keep writing!!
        Love and light, my friend 🙂

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      3. I understood what you meant. No worried about that, just do our best to better ourselves. Thanks for your beautiful words and for sure, I will keep doing it. You too, all the best.

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      4. Thank you for your understanding, my friend 🙂
        I’ve just learnt that a better comment makes a huge difference!
        Read you soon 🙂
        Hugs, David


  2. I love writing and sharing about the process of writing and your post is amazing … Write just 50 words and convert facebook status into something better… Truly important.. 🙂

    Keep writing 🙂 Happy Valentine’s to you

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  3. I used to write in an actual journal a lot more than I do now, only because I found I could not write as quickly as I was thinking! My blog is my primary outlet now, but I think as long as people write, it doesn’t matter in what form and what the content is. Writing is therapy in all forms. Great post!

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    1. Thanks for stopped by and leaving your thoughts here. Writing is just amazing and I do have the same experience as you, occasionally my thoughts flow speedy and I wasn’t able to catch them. Yeah, just start writing is a great way to improve the ways we express our thoughts and feelings. Wish you a great day!

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