We all learn from mistakes (English, Chinese)


Why am I started blogging again? Simply because I want to share thoughts, ideas, memory that hardly expressed by speaking. I can share them on other social media such as, Facebook though but the feeling is different from writing a blog post, yeah, I think you got what I meant, the excitement when you finally articulate your ideas and emotions into words. That’s it! And I can hardly find my previous posts on FB…I might spend hours hitting the down button to find my post in 2014.

I’ve been using English to write my blog posts, but still, as a non-native speaker, I can feel a bit rigid in terms of expressions (yea, you got what I meant if you’re learning a new language). We don’t often speak English in Malaysia though, we learn lots of written English and grammars (native speaker learn from sounds then words, second language learner usually learn the opposite way.) Anyway, I’m still learning from mistakes as my host mentioned to me: “We always make mistakes, learn from them, young man!” Cheers, my friend.



除非是真的下苦功去练口语啊什么的,不然有时候表达起来感觉很怪。我还在学习如何用英语写得生动些,在此也鼓励大家多学学外语,毕竟英语还是国际上还是非常重要的。哈哈。 从错误中学习吧~


Photo credit: Kah Choon
A souvenir from my host in Sofia, Bulgaria.


22 thoughts on “We all learn from mistakes (English, Chinese)

  1. Blogging is far superior to Facebook. It gives time for thought, time for reflection, and the opportunity for development too. I hope you enjoy your second time around with blogging. Your English on this post is very good, by the way. Much better than my command of your language, which can be summed up by ‘Hello’, and ‘Thank You’! (Nei hou and Xei-Xei)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Hello, my friend Pete, many thanks for your compliment on them, yea, we can write and response in a more insightful way through blogging compared to writing short posts on other social media. Communication with other bloggers also a great motivation for us to move on. Ni Hao and Xie Xie, you’re learning Chinese, impressive! Keep it up, Cheers. Kah Choon


      1. Hi Pete, the picture on the page was so astonishing! Honestly, I haven’t been to China and wish to be there someday. Reading your post makes me more eager to go there right now..haha. “The whole transaction was carried out on a calculator, due to the language problems.” I did the same when I was in Thailand, I like to use body language although it was funny. Cheers, Kah Choon.


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