Where Have I Been?


Hi everyone, I have been away for about… literally one year. I feel super guilty to my sincere friends here but at the same time, I eventually can spend sometime to assign my thoughts and start my blogging journey again (Just do what you feel comfortable). Last year, I’ve always spent time doing assignments, readings and other daily chores, until I have forgotten I have a page here.

Where have I been? I finally obtained a scholarship to fulfill my dream, study in the United Kingdom. So, I would devote a few categories on my blog to share these crazy experiences, people I met, new things I learned, and also about backpacking here and there.

Another issue for me is I feel more comfortable and confident to pen down my journey in my native language, Chinese, so I would like write my travel journey in Chinese with short descriptions in English. Of course, you are always welcomed to ask questions about how to save money, how to plan trips, other questions relevant to this blog. Thank you so much and so sorry for inconveniences.

~ Photo credit: Kah Choon 
Feel the green of the land and the blue of the sky. (Winchester, United Kingdom)


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