Don’t Force, But Accept (with a beautiful music)


We’re frustrated, sad, disappointed,

when things happened out of our control.

The fact is: what happened is happened,

nothing we can change.

The only thing we can change is the way we think of it.

Take a deep breath, okay, that’s just fine (it takes time).

We were born with nothing, and will leave the world with nothing,

but memory and footprints.

So, what had happened is just a small piece of cake in our life,

accept it, enjoy it and if you feel it’s yummy,

try embrace it and share your experience to people!

~ EnjoyingΒ Beautiful Japanese MusicΒ ~

~Photo credit: Kah Choon
Noordwijk beach, the Netherlands.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Force, But Accept (with a beautiful music)

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