What’s your dream?


Hey, what’s your dream? What do you want to be? (the answer can be anything, even something sounds unbelievable are totally fine too).

I remember when I first asked this question to a new friend from Italy, initially just a simple question. I was shocked when he was telling me with his serious face: I want to travel to space one day, then he continued talking about his plan and what he’s been doing so far in order to achieve his dream. “Rich people can pay to travel to space now!”

He was seriously enthusiastic about that! I was then sent some information to him since I’ve studied satellite imaging. We keep in touch to motivate each other before our dreams can come true.

Since then, I’d asked the same question to some people, I realized no matter at what age, keeping a dream definitely drive them to feel great and motivated. I could see from their sparkling eyes and the happiness when they’re sharing their dreams and plans. I believe, it’s easier to achieve these plans nowadays as we can easily find people or community who shares the same interests and works on it.

My dream? I want to be happy and gain freedom mentally and physically (this is difficult as nowadays we have plenty of commitments).

So, what’s your dream? We would love to know it!

There must have other readers have the same dreams as you too.

Simple life, simple me. Cheers.

~Photo credit: Kah Choon (Seven Sisters Cliff, Sussex)

15 thoughts on “What’s your dream?

  1. Your dream is a good one. As a young girl I had many dreams – I did not have any dreams of growing up and building a home…I dreamt of travelling and seeing the world. And I did. Everything I had seen and admired in my books…I finally went there and experienced people, places and adventures. But now, I dream of continuing to help people in need of physical or mental help. All my life I have been a listener and a helper, and I believe that is what we are here for – helping each other. Life is not easy – we all make mistakes, but you can always help someone in some way – making things just a little bit better.

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    1. That’s so kind and meaningful to everyone who need your help. You’re definitely true, we can use any ways to help each others mentally and physically. Sometime even just an inspiring comment can change our mindset and life. Thanks for shared your thoughts and all the best, Leya.

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  2. Great dreams! Yes, commitments and stuff can really take a way some freedom that we need. However, there will always plenty of ways to achieve them! My dream… I just want to do the things that I love without the need to worry about anything.


  3. Your dream is beautiful and I think it is difficult to be without any commitments. In a way you are committed to something. My dream is to become a cake artist and to open a restaurant someday. Not sure if it is worth the dreaming but I like both the fields.

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    1. Everyone should chase and work for their dreams! I’m glad you are willing to share your beautiful dreams and it’s worthy to try any opportunities to make them comes true! Cheers.

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  4. I want to leave my life on my own
    I want to lift the unturned stone
    I want to walk right into the fire
    I want to live out all my desires
    I want to go and see the fire burn
    I want to see and feel my world turn
    I want to know what more there’s to learn
    I want to pass the point of no return

    That’s my dream.


  5. My dream is to be a writer. Although I am beginner in writing. I have already planned for it. Everyday I will try to write at least a page. So that I can improve my level of writing.


  6. I had dreams, but i feel a bit lost these days. I am travelling at the moment, seeing the world. I want to find somewhere in the world to settle, and find a job in a local town. To be happy and content


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