No More Fear in 2016!

Dear friends,

On this 2015 New Year’s Eve, I would like to thank you all for inspiring me to push outside of my comfort zone, started blogging. 16 days ago, I struggled to start my first post due to my little perfection. Until I saw this quote in a book by Sir Robert H. Schuller:

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Pleasant Hometown – Ipoh


Finally, I’m back to my hometown, Ipoh, a main town famous for it’s cuisine (chicken and beansprouts) and white coffee, where mostly found in the old town area (shown in the image). Recently, it has became a major stop for travelers to capture the beauty of it’s historical buildings, which mostly date from the British Colonization period. Some restoration projects have been undertaken to spring up within these classical design and construction of the shop lots in this pleasant city.

Dong Zhi, Chinese Winter Solstice Festival


22. 12. 2015 – Dong Zhi, (冬至) one of the Chinese traditional festivals, I was able to return back to my hometown enjoying a bowl of tangyuan (汤圆),balls made from glutinous rice flour mixed with water and cooked in ginger soup) prepared by my grandmother. When we were having this warm sweet dessert, elders would say: you are now a year older, where we believe that celebration of winter solstice is more significant than Chinese New Year (冬大过年).