Be Unique, Be Yourself


Why we stop being ourselves? Just because we are too afraid of standing out of the crowd? Or are we lacking of confidence to embrace our uniqueness? Frankly speaking, being ourselves sometimes can be challenging yet rewarding.

In fact, we don’t realize how unique we are in the universe, we all are different in many ways. As usual, I love trying some tricks I’ve learned from books and the internet, and found them quite simple and actionable:

  1. Define yourself in three words and work on it ~ it could be inspiring, optimistic, emotional, weird, fashionable, etc. So that we aware of our uniqueness and embrace a sense of self identity.
  2. Be confident ~ you are the only you. You no need to be someone else, just act as the unique you. Follow your own styles and accept the truth that being different is absolutely beautiful and attractive.
  3. Be honest to yourself ~ if you feel that you’re humor, but you found people around you don’t think so. Work on it and learn some techniques that make you stand out and satisfied.
  4. Voice out your opinion appropriately ~ just because your opinion seems to conflict or creative doesn’t mean you are necessarily wrong. You should consider them as a part of a dynamic you and you are absolutely free to express your individuality as long as you’re no offensive to others.
  5. Never compare yourselves to others ~ because we always see the imperfections in ourselves no matter how much effort we put on trying to change ourselves, and we never feel satisfied.

We always care about how people perceive us and start questioning in our mind: do they feel awkward if I voice out my opinions this way. The truth is, no matter how perfect you think you are, still they are some people disagree with you, that’s how diversity of thoughts works. And, people will like you as long as you are consistent with your real identity and expressions. In the real world, no one really likes people acting like an Oscar winner in front of them. So, it is okay to let them know that’s the true you.

Most importantly, no one really cares what you are doing rather than yourself. We always imagine how if…. Somehow, in reality, no one really remembers that you fell on the ground yesterday. Even we ourselves don’t really pay attention to what the people around us doing. So, who cares?

It’s lovely to know your thoughts and feel free to share it.

18 thoughts on “Be Unique, Be Yourself

  1. So very true. My 2 teenage kids are so incredibly different from each other but I always tell them to embrace their differences as they are both totally unique. The world would be a boring place if we were all the same but it sometimes takes a lifetime to be comfortable enough in our own skin.

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