Keep it Simple


I like simplicity.

Take a slow breath before doing anything.

Mantra of the day: Life is supposed to be simple.

I try my best to keep things and thoughts as simple as possible.

Simply drink a glass of water, walk in the street, smile and talk to people, buy things when I need them, listen to relaxing music, sometimes sketch my favorite scenes, pen thoughts down, continue with daily routines, think simple and appreciate of what I have. Even justย spend few minutes doing nothingย or day dreaming is good for clearing our mind.

I keep the blog as simple as possible.

Plain white, clean, no fancy background, I like’em all.

Easy for everyone to read, communicate, laugh, and relax.

What if I’m having a complex goal to work on? We can simplify it into 10 or 100 simple steps, our mind will be happy and believe it’s not a daunting challenge anymore.

That’s simple I believe. Cheers.

Photo credit: Kah Choon
Way to the school, Southampton

18 thoughts on “Keep it Simple

  1. This is simply perfect. Each day I try to go slower and think less. The universe takes care of everything so all I need to do is to relax and let the day happen.
    I am so pleased that I discovered your blog and now I am busy reading your Education category as I am currently helping a friend prepare for IELTS so I will be able to share your articles with her. I look forward to reading more of your inspirational articles. Best wishes – Margaret

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    1. Hey Margaret, many thanks for sharing this, it’s my pleasure to share the positiveness in life, I will take some time to do more writings on education as well. Would love to share the process from taking tests and how to apply scholarship, university and so on. Cheers. Kah Choon


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